VOZ Studio Live Interview with Scremmy

VOZ Studio Live Interview with Scremmy

Despite growing up creating, Scremmy didn’t begin seriously painting until 1996 at the behest of his high school art teacher. Since then, Scremmy has acquired a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in 2001 and graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019. His work often consists of abstract, geometric patterns with contrasting colors on various surfaces ranging from canvases, skateboards, and books to metal signs, paper, glass bottles, and walls. Over time, his unique style of painting and presenting has led to his work being displayed on several websites, printed on apparel and packaging, published in several magazines, and exhibited all over the east coast at shops, galleries, parks, and company headquarters. More specifically, his work has been displayed on the Gamblin Colors website; featured in the Artmaze Magazine, the Studio Visit Magazine, and the Create Magazine; showcased at the H. Street Taylor Gourmet in Washington D.C. and the Art Space Liberti in Philadelphia; installed at the Urban Outfitters Headquarters in Philadelphia and the Gettysburg National Military Park; and hung in Bohozone Lobe (a record shop) in Lancaster, Philadelphia. Now represented by PxP Contemporary, the incredible father of four young children, husband to one lovely wife, and amazing abstract artist to society continues to beautify our world with colorful expressions of thought and emotion. Welcome to the Vibe Out Zone Scremmy!

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