VOZ Studio Live Interview with Michael K. Woods

VOZ Studio Live Interview with Michael K. Woods

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Sparta, Georgia, current Brooklyn-based producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Michael Kennedy Woods, began his musical journey playing piano by ear at an early age. This amazing gift was fostered at the St. Mark AME Church, where he grew up playing piano and singing gospel songs. As his passion for creating sounds developed, he sought to find a method of merging church wiith jazz, R&B, pop, electronic, traditional soul, and new age soul. His latest project, “Primal Instinct,” does just this with the intention of transporting listeners to an afrofutureset land of worldly acceptance, understanding, and love, reminding them of diverse humanity’s beautiful nature, in the midst of today’s robotic, emotionless, and self-destructive society. Welcome to the Vibe Out Zone Michael! Michael K. Woods

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