VOZ Studio Live Interview with MalakaiTheGreat

VOZ Studio Live Interview with MalakaiTheGreat

Raised in Killeen, TX, MalakaiTheGreat grew up surrounded with musicians and music, naturally leading him to join the Grace Christian Center’s youth choir. After six long years of singing with the church’s youth choir, he decided to pursue his own path within the music industry. Within three and a half years of pursuing his own path, he has exactly one hundred tracks out with features from and collaborations with other talented musicians, including Ezekii, Fameful, Mayor, P. SOUL, I Am K-BeatZ, Young Taylor, KZR, Slaydre, Wonderlust Beats, Gold Soul, Tre Ellis, ZAE, OGRS, JaeLynn, Bloody Santana, ERIYA, $coop, LONEZSOUL, Tyla, Kami, and Beloved King David.

Welcome to the Vibe Out Zone Malakai!

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