VOZ Studio Live Interview with Ceddy Ced of "Wanna Argue?"

VOZ Studio Live Interview with Ceddy Ced of "Wanna Argue?"

The child of teenage parents, Ceddy Ced, was born on October 1995 in Decatur, Georgia (USA). Not long after his birth, Ced’s father joined the United States military, leading his family to relocate to various military bases around the U.S., before eventually being stationed in Ced’s second hometown, Fort Hood, TX, in 2009. Here, Ced found his passion for theatre and performing arts, ultimately steering him to break out of his bashful shell and display his unforeseen talents through plays like Anton Chekov's "3 sisters", George Kauffman's "You Can't Take It With You", William Shakespeare's "Macbeth", and many more. Over the years, his theatre experience extended beyond acting, into production (sound and lights for concerts), curation (art gallaries), and narration (event MCing). After completing his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2019, Ceddy Ced moved to Fort Worth, Texas to pursue his theater dreams and start his own production company. Unfortunately, the current world circumstances at the time (early 2020) brought his ambitious plans to a halt. Pivoting into a new direction, Ced began a podcast series titled “Wanna Argue?,” providing a safe space for people to share differing perspectives on various controversial topics.

Welcome to the Vibe Out Zone Ceddy Ced!

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